Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Job lost- Does the fire still burn ?

Ok! I am not writing this because I'm selling hope on this blog. A person with a family, unpaid credit card bills and mounting health costs is losing sleep over and as a result his/her ability to think is getting deeply affected. When a million jobs are lost due to the hubris of a few individuals, do we need to lose sleep ? Yes we do because our lives are at stake, but is that the only solution or are there better alternatives ? There are and the present world order is an example of that. It is necessary to keep the fire burning-Don't mistake that in being over-ambitious, but striving to achieve more.

Our previous generation faced the crisis of world wars, atomic explosions and today we face terror and economic crisis like the foot of a beast stamping us. So who is to blame at ? The beast or us ?
Here arises the strong case of faring forward rather than faring well. This concept of karma is important and this was the message given by lord Krishna to Arjuna before the epic battle of Mahabharat began.

It is important today to survive the storm rather than go upwards and destabilize further and that makes me go against the acquisition by pfizer of wyeth. There is no proportion between stealing the livelihood of 10% employees who worked for you for $68bn. But then as newton put it , Every action has a equal and opposite reaction as your good and bad karma comes back to you in this very life.

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  1. Your writing is very inspirational.